Phil Morley has been a professional photographer for over twenty years working for a wide variety of commercial clients as well as weekly and regional daily newspapers in Suffolk and Essex. His images have also appeared in various national daily newspapers and magazines as well as a vast array of corporate and business publications. His photography has featured in four East Anglian county cookbooks showcasing local food producers, restaurants and chefs.

Phil has always had a passion for the outdoors and landscape photography. Having a love affair with the Scottish landscape Phil is a regular visitor to the Highlands and many of his images capture the amazing scenery and weather of this part of the country.
"I am still in awe of the landscape and the effect the weather and light have on a scene" "I often feel privileged to be sat watching a sunrise whilst other (sane!) people are still in bed"
Whilst using professional digital cameras for his commercial photography, Phil still chooses to use a traditional medium format film camera to capture his landscape images.The process of using film slows him down and makes him far more selective in what he shoots. Phil hand prints all his black and white images in his darkroom giving him total control over how the finished photograph will look.
"When you only have 12 shots on a roll of film, it makes me far more selective as to what I shoot. I find I take far more time composing a shot to get it just right."​​​​​​​
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