Bawdsey, Suffolk
Bawdsey, Suffolk
Bawdsey, Suffolk
Bawdsey, Suffolk
Bawdsey, Suffolk
Bawdsey, Suffolk
Location: Bawdsey
Date: Saturday 10/9/2022
Time: 5am-8am
Price: £30
(Maximum of 6 people)
Get out of bed nice and early for this fantastic location with so much to photograph. This early workshop misses all the crowds for the first light of the day, and hopefully a wonderful sunrise (not guaranteed!).
An intriguing location with lots to photograph. With an ever changing, eroding coastline there are always new photo opportunities. This first light workshop will let you capture the pre-dawn light and as the sun rises (hopefully with a wonderful sunrise, but not guaranteed!). Sunrise or not we get to beach the crowds.
Long exposures work really well at Bawdsey with many structures claimed by the sea, so if you have neutral density (full ND) filters be sure to bring them along.
With a mix of composition and technical tips there is a good variety throughout the day. Being in a small group you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
Who it is suitable for:
Photographers of all ability, from beginners to more advanced. From compact camera, bridge camera to DSLR users (not suitable for mobile phone photographers).
What to bring:
Camera - Spare battery can be useful when using your camera a lot.
Lenses - A range of focal lengths will be useful, from wide angle to telephoto.
Tripod - If you have one, some are available to borrow if needed.
Cable release - Not essential, but useful if you have one.
Filters - Not essential, but useful if you have them.
Torch - Really useful for 
What to wear:
Sturdy footwear is advisable. As is waterproof coat/trousers.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
There are no toilets at this workshop location. There are public toilets available at Bawdsey Quay car park, approx 2 miles away.
Not included:
Personal insurance, camera insurance and travel (to, from or during the workshop)​​​​​​​.

If you have any questions regarding workshops, or would like to book a place, please do get in touch.
07952 866252 -
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